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Klaus Geis
Klaus Geis

Here the chronicle of my dream:
  • November 2005:
    The small cardgame „ebbes“ is ivented by me and a first handmade edition (10 games) is given as a present at Chrismas for my family and best friends.
  • January 2006 – December 2006
    My best friends are over the moon and forces me, to present the game different publishers. The disillusionment is big, because the publishers have for different reasons no interest.
  • January 2007 – December 2011
    The cardgame „ebbes“ falls in sleeping beauty and is only awaken for playing sometimes with my friends. There it shows, what real friends are. They make me hope not to give up and to fulfill my dream of an own cardgame. Specially my friend "Haui" invites me every year to a prototyp-testing-workshop. In December 2011 I take the chance to take part in such a workshop. 
  • January 2012
    The cardgame "ebbes" finds big interest at the prototyp-workshop and in the end of the weekend I have an agent, who wants to help me to find a publisher! I drive home with an agent in my luggage! Great!
  • February 2012
    On a weekend with 50 gambling friends we play "ebbes" too and during the weekend, somebody asked me, if he could be my agent! Another agent? Sorry, but I still have one!
  • February 2012 – March 2012
    During playing "ebbes" with more groups I find out some things. No publisher in the world would produce such a special palatinate game, even if it is good, because its not mainstream. But it is my dream, to make an own game and because I love my home, the Palatinate, I decide to found an own company. Then I can fulfill my dream in the way I like it! 
  • 5th March 2012
    After taking with my family and my agent on 5th of March I found my own company  PALATIA SPIELE and start the palatinate crowdfunding project "ebbes", to come my dream a little bit closer.
  • October 2013                                                                         On the SPIEL 2013 I present my cardgame "ebbes" and have big success! 
  • February 2014 - October 2018                                            I get the idea for a new cardgame and start a new palatinate project "riwwer unn niwwer". The pregnancy is quiet long (4 years) but in between the project I fulfill another dream, to build a house together with friends"
  • October2018                                                                          On the SPIEL 2018   I present my second "baby" and hopefully it will be a success, too!                                          

And what about the future of PALATIA SPIELE?

If I am honest, I actually don't know, but what I know...

...ebbes works always!